Technical Support


Siteimprove is a cloud-based software that crawls websites and reports back on accessibility issues based on the Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, levels A, AA, and AAA and quality assurance issues such as broken links and potential misspellings.


While we teach, learn, work, and engage in an online environment, the need for captioning video content has become increasingly apparent.  There are many options available for captioning content at Pitt, and certain options are better/recommended for certain scenarios.  Below we summarize the most common scenarios and their corresponding captioning options.


UDOIT is an accessibility auditing tool for Canvas that was created by the University of Central Florida. This tool scans your Canvas course, generates a report of accessibility issues that could impede your students' ability to learn, and provides resources for addressing these issues. Learn more about UDOIT in the Center for Teaching and Learning's Help Resources.


The University of Pittsburgh has partnered with SensusAccess to offer a file converter tool that makes inaccessible documents (such as Word or PDF files) into more accessible media (such as searchable PDFs, audio MP3 files, Braille, or e-text).


In response to the move to online learning in the face of COVID-19, Ally has made available their File Transformer, which helps you to personalize your learning experience by converting your course files into alternative formats that fit your needs, devices, and learning preferences.