Title IX


A variety of options for reporting sexual misconduct are listed below. If you have an immediate safety concern, please contact the University of Pittsburgh Police, 412-624-2121.  

Report an Incident

If you want to report an incident of sexual harassment or misconduct, please contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator for information, to request interim measures, support, and to learn more about the internal investigative process, by calling 412-648-7860, or e-mailing titleixcoordinator@pitt.edu. Or, you may report using the Office of Diversity and Inclusion incident report form, which comes directly to the Title IX Coordinator. You can complete a report anonymously but please be aware that reporting anonymously may impact greatly the office's ability to respond. 

You may call the University of Pittsburgh Police at 412-624-2121, or report through the online report system. The initiation of any University proceedings does not preclude the possibility of criminal charges. Indeed, parallel University and criminal proceedings are not uncommon. 

Interim Measures

To quickly address a situation, the University, where it determines it is appropriate, may impose a wide range of interim measures, such as:

  • Implementation of a “No Contact Order”;
  • Change in University-related work schedules or job assignments;
  • Change in University-owned housing;
  • Assistance from University staff in completing housing relocation;
  • Assistance in addressing off-campus living arrangements; and
  • Restricting a student’s access to certain University facilities or activities pending resolution of a matter.

Please contact Title IX if you have a need for interim measures.  We can assist in supportive measures, even if the party does not wish to file a formal complaint.

If you are a faculty or staff member and receive a request from Title IX about assisting with interim measures, more information on this process can be found in this document.